"Creating Tools for Professionals"

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PL GuitarSystems is founded in 2000 by Paul Lenders with the goal to create high quality guitar tools for pro guitarplayers. Paul has been a pro guitarplayer for years himself and has gained extensive experience with professional guitar gear.

Our goal is to create high quality guitar tools for and together with professionals that enable them to perform the best they can. To reach this goal the development approach deployed is based on the following requirements:



The tools shall have a natural, dynamic response on the playing style enhancing details such as string attack and volume differences.



The range of adjustments shall be based on the essentials needed, making using the tools transparent & easy.



The prototype tools shall be stage tested extensively by professionals in live performance situations on sound quality, operate-ability and robustness. This will result in valuable feedback to be adapted in the (re)design. After it passes these stage tests, the production version is released.



The tools shall have a simple electrical and mechanical construction limited to the essential functionality needed for optimal and reliable performance.



The mechanical & electrical construction of the tools shall be durable and made to last, even in a rough stage environment and related abuse.



The quality of all tools shall be checked for consistent performance by comparing it with a reference device. Only selected quality components are used for building the tools.

Ad van Dongen Paul Lenders

In 2007 electronics engineer Ad van Dongen (N.E.R.D.) joined GuitarSystems for the development of guitar effect pedals. Ad and Paul's common roots go back to the mid 1970'ties when they played together in a local band.