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The History

The Pauls' BuffTool junior is the offspring of the custom BuffTool used by Paul in the custom Pedalboards and Racks he builds. It buffers the output signal before it is send to the amplifier. Next to that it can be used to boost your signal to get extra punch or drive your (pre) amp into distortion. The BuffTool is opamp based and needs a higher supply voltage to have enough headroom to avoid clipping and compression of the buffered signal. In the Paul's BuffTool Junior the standard 9 Volt of the battery or external power is converted into 25 Volt DC. As a reference; best practice of Pete Cornish is to use a 24 Volt DC supply for his buffers.


Technology concept

The Paul's BuffTool Junior core is based on a high quality lowest noise opamp. The 9 Volts of the battery or external power supply is internally converted into 25 Volts and used as the supply voltage for the opamp circuit. This will create a maximum headroom of around 20 Volts (top/top) providing an unaltered buffered signal with no signal loss or colouring of the guitarsound.










" Transparent buffering of your signals"

EEC - Euro 199,- (incl. 21% VAT)

ROW - Euro 164,- (excl. VAT)

Handcrafted in the Netherlands


Volume control - adjust the overall output volume of the effect from unity gain up to +20dB


Low noise opamp - for lowest noise operation at all boost levels


Neutral frequency response - no colouring of your sound. Flat frequency response up to 30 KHz @20dB


High input impedance (>1 MOhm) - no signal loss for the driving circuit.


Low output impedance (<470 Ohm) - driving low impedance loads or long cabling without signal loss.


Increased signal headroom - 20 Vtt for high dynamics without compression or distortion.


External power supply - (noise reduced) providing the option to use an external power supply next to the inernal battery. This without inducing noise or changing the character of the sound. Ultra low power consumption < 5 mA


Reverse and over voltage protection - to protect the circuit and keeping the pedal running for many years to come


The PaulSwitch Jr.® - robust footswitch to switch from buffered unity gain to preset boost level indicated by a dual colour (red/blue) led

The Paul's BuffTool


Paul's Bufftool junior