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In this section background information and technical subjects related to guitar effects will be explained and discussed. The focus is on vintage / oldskool effects up to the 1980'ties but also general principles and some newer effect pedals will be discussed. The objective is to provide information that can help you to decide on which effects to use, how to use them in an optimal way and to solve issues you experience using guitar effects. I aim for rationality and objectivenes but in some cases personal preferences are in play (I am of course a guitarplaying NERD) making it sometimes more or less subjective! These sections will be indicated by cursive text format.

Text by Ad van Dongen

The information in this section is based on a technical background, as I have an electronics engineering background. This in combination with my experience building guitar effects and the extensive guitar playing and rig building experiences of Paul. Paul has seen and played all types and models of pedals during his rack and pedal board building, from a 1963 Maestro Fuzz going through a 1999 Klon Centaur up to a 2011 Ibanez TS808 HW.

I rely on my own and fellow guitar players ears but because of my engineering background the approach is also based on analysis of the technology used, measuring and comparing with the aid of modern measurement equipment like a signal generator, oscilloscope and frequency/spectum analyser (FFT). I believe in the individual Mojo of some effect pedals like the Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face and Vox McCoy Wah but there should always be a technical explanation why one specific pedal sounds better than another from the same model and I want to be able to explain why!


WARNING: I have tried to keep the text as simple but in some cases I must admit that the text maybe complex to read for non-technicians; sorry I could not resist!

You can always contact me for further explanations.